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Tarot Card Readings

What Are Tarot Cards? 

The Tarot is based on an ancient mystical system of spiritual development called the Kaballah. It is often considered a powerful, living, and ever-evolving tool to aid an individual in leading a positive, fulfilling, and happy life - and to gain profound spiritual insight and wisdom to those who seek it. The "pages" of this sacred "book" of wisdom are represented by 78 illustrated cards - The Tarot deck.


 The illustrations (depending on the deck) are often rich with mystical symbolism which represent many facets of life - each card able to shed much wisdom if the symbolism is understood or meditated upon. 

How Does a Tarot Card Reading Work?

A Tarot reader, with instruction from dedicated self-learning, tutelage from an experienced mentor, or blessed with intuitive insight, will use any number of "spreads": a layout of any number of cards, with each position giving a context for the card placed within it.


In this way, it is not difficult to imagine that there are nearly infinite permutations in the positioning of the cards individually, and how they may relate to each other, and harmonize together to create a synthesis of various factors in life to provide very specific messages and overall narrative.

The cards may represent the client; the client's present, past, and future influences; psychological influences; specific individuals or events in the client's life; the client's desires and goals; or the personal obstacles a client may face in order to get to their next level in life - this all depends on the subject the client wishes to seek counsel on from the cards, and the Tarot reader using the spread they are guided to feel is most appropriate for the client's needs.

What is a Tarot Card Reading For?

A Tarot card reading can provide guidance for areas of everyday life, like employment, business, personal, social, or family relationships, it must be understood that the Tarot card reading rarely tells your fortune; you may be presented with information about your present circumstances and future possibilities. But ultimately, it is the responsibility of the person being read to make the proper decisions necessary to move their life in the desired direction.


As every Tarot reading and reader is unique


Your Psychic Grannies Tarot Card reader has their interpretation of the cards, and how their intuition guides them to rely more or less on the cards, may vary. As the principle of synchronicity applies: The reader you choose was meant for you, and what they tell you may not be recognizable as "right" or "wrong" to your perception... but it was what you were meant to hear.

A practice used for centuries to predict the future and help you understand the past and present. Thus becoming a modern tool to answer questions about employment, business, personal, or family relationships. 

And as the best Tarot Card readers, we access our intuition and our inner wisdom. Through imagery in the cards, readers will begin to have a connection with your guides and subconscious mind.

Providing positive options that you can manifest as future goals or visually create from personal dreams set into action.

"Oh my goodness, Melanie. I am so glad I was able to find you! I wish I was in Las Vegas to make an appointment... Anyways, how are you? How is Molly? I hope you are both doing okay. My name is Bonnie, and you did readings for me in Torrance, CA. I moved out of California but truly hoped you could be available to do a reading by phone? I'm in Ohio, but maybe too, I can fly to Vegas sometime. Anyways, I look forward to hearing from you! YOU HAVE BEEN THE ONLY PSYCHIC THAT HAS FIGURED ANYTHING OUT OR DONE TAROT CARDS PROPERLY FOR ME, WHICH IS WHY I KEPT LOOKING FOR YOU!" - Bonnie 

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