Frequently Asked Questions.

Psychic readings are – by law – only for entertainment purposes and do not intend to render any kind of guarantee.


If you get a psychic reading, legally speaking, it is an entertainment service you are purchasing.

You, the consumer, are solely responsible for any and all actions that you take based on the information you may receive in a psychic reading. 

Using Psychic Grannies Services

By using the services of the Psychic Grannies Psychic Readers, Reiki Healers, Hypnotists, Emotional Healer, Numerologist, Psychometrist, and mediumship at Psychic Grannies, you acknowledge that you have read and reviewed this disclaimer and the frequently asked questions page.

All Psychic Grannies are individual businesses (contractors operating independently of Psychic Grannies. They all have all necessary and/or requisite city/county/local business license(s), permit(s), and all other legal requirements.

Any information on this website that could be inferred as a testimonial or an endorsement is factual information provided by our happy clients.

All Psychic Grannies Are Licensed

All Psychic Grannies have a Psychic Arts license issued by the City of Las Vegas and have passed a rigorous background check (can take up to six months) done by the Clark County Metropolitan police department.


Psychic Grannies does not offer refunds for services rendered.


We take pride in our Psychic skills and years of training to acquire these skills. 

Psychic Grannies FAQ