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Melanie Farkash

Store Owner

I am a Medium. There’s God, there’s the angels, the Spirit guides and then there’s ME.  A person who can consciously communicate with non-physical entities, spirits, guides, messengers, teachers, Angels, etc. by entering a trance, I can speak or write messages from those on the other side. I am committed to using my powers to accelerate my spiritual evolvement while contributing to the greater good.  I use the visualization a gateway to the spirit realm to reveal a dimension of indescribable beauty.  I sense peace and harmony flowing from there to permeate your whole being. You may recognize a departed loved one, and give yourself permission to communicate and interact with them.
Over the years many of my powers have come out such as remote viewing, this is the ability to be in one place and see many miles away at another location. Sometimes, I can even eavesdrop on the conversation that people are having.
Another skill is Tea Leaf Reading, I have been very accurate in predictions.
Numerology is also been a skill that has helped my clients.  Again, being able to go into the future to predict with great accuracy.
I was an accountant for 37 years and I never realized how much I use my knowledge to help people constantly who come to me asking for help with everything from finances, to buying a house, to teaching their kids how to save money.
My precognitive dreams have gotten stronger as I have gotten older.  I have become more aware of how important that our communication with the spirit world during the rem period of our sleep is and we need to write down everything we can remember.
Past Life Regression is a tool that I have used for years to find the link that binds the person to this life.  I find that many of my clients come with problems bothering them all there life, whether it is a relationship issue, family issue-- they need answers. By doing Past Life Regression, I can find out what they have brought with them from previous lives.