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Get to know our staff at Psychic Grannies.

Shin - Reiki Master


Specialties: Reiki Master

My Reiki Healing Journey.

I’m Shin, the resident Reiki Master. I have been an Energy Worker since 2003 (18 years). ENERGY IS MY SPECIALTY! :) For most clients, I can work wonders in just a 1-hour session. Other clients, who have older untreated issues, or have experience exceptionally intense physical trauma, might take two or three sessions (from my experience, this is rare). If you’re in pain, COME SEE ME!


Reiki Healing Pain Relief SPecialist (Remote Services Available)

Think of your body’s energy system as your body’s natural plumbing. The clearer your energy flows, the more closely you are mentally, emotionally, and physically to good health.


All health issues - whether mental, emotional, or physical – manifest as the result of an energy stagnation in some part of the body’s natural energy system. This is not to say that some external source of trauma may not indeed be the INITIAL cause of some of these issues... but definitely to express that these traumas can be the cause of energy blockages, which may, in turn, manifest as other issues entirely.


Reiki Healing Is Very Powerful and Can Help Heal Your Emotions

Now that you understand that trauma may cause stagnation and that stagnation may cause mental or emotional issues or even manifest as localized physical pain... you can now begin to understand the implications of never having energy work done to at least clear your system of energy blockages.


Here’s an analogy: Imagine you lived in a house that was old as you are, and that every time you experienced any kind of pain (especially intense pain), you are bringing trinkets into your home. Sure, at the time, they may have represented a part of your life that you were going through, and they may have even colored your life a bit. Consider: if you don’t periodically check to see if these trinkets bring you joy, they will begin to overrun your home, and it will become less and less free; less functional. Let’s clean up that house!


Reiki Healing and Your Emotions and Mind

If you find yourself falling into the same mental or emotional traps and you feel “STUCK”... I can help balance your underactive or overactive chakras to help give you a fighting chance against your own self-destructive belief systems and thought patterns. My work has also been shown to help with focus, and to alleviate anxiety, depression, and a hyperactive mind.

I am a certified practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, also known as “tapping”).


Let us work together to help dissolve any unwanted behaviors or bad habits (like smoking, for example).

You know what? If you’re not feeling ABSOLUTELY GREAT... COME SWING BY!


Now ask yourself: “When was the last time I had energy work done?” If the answer is “Never,” then definitely swing by and I’ll get you sorted! If you’re in pain, swing by, and I’ll get that feeling better for you! If you’re in IMMENSE pain (and you’ve visited your primary care physician, of course), SWING BY SOONER, and I’ll get that pain feeling bearable, if not rid you of that pain ENTIRELY!

I will be happy to answer any questions you have about how our Feng Shui service can potentially change your life.

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