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Psychometry Readings

Another Psychic service of Psychic Grannies.

What Psychometry?

Psychometry is an intuitive skill that enables someone to pick up information from a person, place, or object. 

Psychometry readings can describe someone's character, looks, or things that have happened to them just by holding something like a well-worn ring or favorite necklace of theirs.

What can Psychometry do for me?

A psychometry reading can reveal important information from a photograph or an object. This information takes the form of an impression, such as a feeling, a voice, an emotion, or a vision. Sometimes these impressions are compelling and clear. Sometimes the impression will tell a story. A photograph can reveal a person's personality, emotions such as anger, fear, and joy. Psychometry can also reveal mental instability, joy, intelligence, and health conditions.

Why does Psychometry work?

Psychometry readings are a clairvoyant technique that uses the subconscious mind to channel thought energy. Every single particle in the universe is continuously vibrating. It might sound a little strange, but it is a scientific observation to say that the energy in everything is constantly mingling with everything else. That means that if you come in contact every day with an object, that object becomes infused with your energy and explains why you might find keeping something worn by a loved one close when they're away is so comforting! The infusion of an individual's energy that has been imprinted on an item well used or worn can be read in a psychometry reading. 

What can be used for a Psychometry Reading?

Any object can be used in a Psychometry reading. Still, you'll most commonly see people reading from very personal items such as watches, rings, necklaces, and photographs. These objects become infused with a lot of energy because they tend to be worn a great deal. Stones with rings are also excellent to use because the stones amplify the energetic signals – especially crystals. Many watches are kept accurate by crystal technology, making quartz crystal watches work well for a Psychometry reading. When choosing an object for a Psychometry reading, it's more important to select something based on wear rather than actual ownership. 

What does a Psychometry Reading look like?

When you're doing a Pyschomety reading, the psychic holds the object in their hand and gets an impression. It could be a vision,  words, names, a person, images, a symbol, a place, or almost anything coming off the item that is embedded in the item.


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