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Psychic Grannies Emotional Healing

Another Psychic service of Psychic Grannies.

Emotional healing works where imbalances in the body can be accessed, recognized and repaired. 

These imbalances could have been caused by trauma, abuse, rejection, insults, or grief. An emotional experience can create a negative outcome. This experience can cause a harmful imbalance that can impact you both physically or emotionally. 

Can Release Negativity

Emotional healing can release negativity that is trapped in your body and can cause depression or mental illness. When you experience emotional healing, you feel you can overcome the negative emotion and "MoveOn." Perhaps you cry, scream, insult the culprit or yell, hit things, throw things, and feel you have taken care of the hurt. 

Emotional Pain Is Never Forgotten

However, these incidents of emotional pain are never forgotten by your subconscious mind. They will continue to be trapped in your body, affecting you without you realizing it. You feel anger, sorrow, or pain all over again when the memory returns. 

It's A Process

Emotional healing happens when imbalances are removed without any pain, medication, or Invasion of your privacy. The emotional healing process solely involves the scanning of your primary governing meridian. 

Releases The Imbalance

Emotional healing releases the imbalance to allow the body to heal itself. Removing trapped emotions is suitable for general health and well being. Your disclosure of a personal incident is never necessary. Usually, in a session between five and fifteen, imbalances are removed, one at a time, either physical or emotional. Your subconscious mind decides! The emotional healing session is typically about one hour, you remain fully dressed and are made to feel comfortable in every way. 

You can experience immediate emotional healing results.

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