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Get to know our staff at Psychic Grannies.


Magdalena Brandon. crop.kraken .jpg

Specialties: Feng Shui

My Feng Shui Journey.

I have always had a passion for color and design and began a career as an interior designer in 1984 and opened my first retail store in Las Vegas, NV in 2000.

I have had articles that have been published in the Las Vegas Home and Garden Magazine and Las Vegas Scene Magazine.


I am a Feng Shui Specialist and understand the importance of balance and harmony, not only in ones’ environment but also for Mind, Body, and Soul.

I am Professionally Certified in Feng Shui.

I started coaching professionally in 2006; prior to becoming a Certified Motivational Management Institute Coach, I discovered that it was because of my ability to listen to my clients and ask them questions that created the unique relationship that I have with them.

I Emphasize Being the Best in All Areas of Your Life.


I started a women’s networking group, Las Vegas Empowered Women’s Network which is a not-for-profit business that supports women not only in creating wealth, I emphasize being the best in all areas in your life.


I also support local charities that are selected every quarter which include Kimo Leads The Way, AAOK, Donation of Bears for Children in Trauma and the list is growing.

I am a creative, passionate, ethical business professional who always has fun no matter what I do. I enjoy supporting others in achieving their objectives, be it creating a beautiful home or creating a beautiful life, internally and externally.

Call or email Psychic Grannies about our Feng Shui service.


I will be happy to answer any questions you have about how our Feng Shui service can potentially change your life.

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