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Toshiro M


Reiki, Tarot Reading, OracleCards, Emotional Repair, Chakra Healing, Tribal Shaman, Pendulum Readings, Crystal Healing, Dream Interpretation

Hau, kola. As we say in lakota.

My name  is Toshiro.  I am a tribal  shaman and Reiki  master born to the lakota nation.


I am an individual  that has many abilities  to help you on your spiritual journey  and healing. 

I Can perform  Reiki  healing , tarot, pendulum, oracle, stone and chakra healing, shiatsu, sound healing,  and i Can  also help find and cennect  with your animal  totem. 

I am happy  to help  and await our first  meeting. 

Pilamaye kola. 

(Thank you friends.)