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Psychic Grannies Staff


Get to know our staff at Psychic Grannies.

Katen Rangel
Master Psychic


Specialties: Mediumship and Tarot

I am a Psychic Medium. 

In need of guidance with making decisions? Are you at a crossroads in life? Whether you are just curious or enjoy a Psychic/Tarot reading from time to time, feel free to set up an appointment. No question is too big or small. All walks of life are welcomed. Together we will connect with higher guidance and see what the spirit world has to say. Whatever your background or belief system is. I am here to build a bridge so we can connect on a higher level. Have a magical day!

Your sessions are for you!

First and foremost, my sessions are catered directly to meet your desired outcome. Personally, I think it is so important to acknowledge the mind, body and spirit connection in all that we do. As far as giving general psychic information my priority is to assist you in finding balance in life while guiding you in accomplishing your life’s goals. The Tarot can show you whatever you’d like to know about. It allows you to find truth in a matter and can awaken you towards your true self. My reading style is direct and compassionate. I am passionate about ending discrimination against psychics and the misconceptions behind psychic phenomena. Holistic lifestyle coaching and mediumship available upon request.

A biography of my abilities.

Katen had her first experience with her Psychic gifts at a very young age. She is a Master Psychic and has given numerous readings. Her abilities include clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. Katen senses through energy. She is adept with the use of many esoteric tools. One favorite being Tarot. As a Spiritual advisor, she connects to the spirit world and can look deep into your past, present and future. She has done extensive research on many Metaphysical, New Age, Occult and Holistic topics. Katen is guided by her Spirit Guides to bring you the accurate insight and answers you are seeking. Let her guide you on your spiritual journey. 

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