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What is a psychic medium?

A psychic medium is a person who can see spirits and relay their messages. Sometimes these spirits are your ancestors or spirit guides you have picked up through your travels in life. 

How does a psychic medium reading work?

The psychic medium reading starts with the client's spirit guide talking to the psychic medium's spirit guide. In other instances, psychic mediums will do automatic writing, and the client's spirit guide will help come through the writing, sometimes in a different language. If so, this will have to be translated. There will also be times when a psychic medium will go into a psychic trance, and the spirit guide will take possession and speak through the medium to the client. Sometimes after the psychic reading, the psychic medium will fall asleep and have a dream where the client's spirit guide will come to them and give them more information. 

The Spirit Guides

In a psychic medium reading, I will be shown what the client's spirit guides want me to see. These can be images, sounds (words) inuendos, nicknames, and sometimes emotions such as anger, happiness, regret, love, warnings, pleadings (don't marry) worry, and concern. 

In almost all of my psychic medium readings, the spirit I am communicating with tells me to tell the client they are no longer in pain and that they are fine. And everything is ok.

My psychic medium philosophy

I believe there is a parallel universe that when our bodies die, our souls pass on into this parallel universe and that they stay in that universe until they reincarnate. 

What you can expect in your psychic medium reading.

In your psychic medium reading most of the time, your loved ones' spirit guide will describe the personality of the individual who has passed over and what type of person they were on earth. The spirit guide will also explain your relationship with them. They will tell me about the unique experiences you may have had together. 


If a spirit was cheerful in life, they would come through as very humorous. If they were shy in life, they would be shy when they come through.

Some of the circumstances in the psychic medium session can be a description of the illness they suffered through in their life. 


They may describe an event you attended that they witnessed from beyond or a recent personal accomplishment. The spirit may communicate the challenges that you're now facing. Often the spirit will express how proud they are of you. Sometimes they might even apologize. The spirits of your loved ones generally want you to know that they are well on the other side.


The spirits want you to know that they love you and are still around you, and they can see what's going on in your life today. 

In your psychic medium reading, you can expect to hear from the spirits around you. I cannot guarantee which spirits will show up. Sometimes the spirit of someone who lived on your street or lived in your house or someone you grew up with may want to talk to you.


The spirits that come into the session are the spirits that are meant to be there. I recommend that you let the friends or relatives you'd like to communicate with during a psychic mediumship session know that you want to speak with them. You have to remember that sometimes the spirit you wish to speak to might have already reincarnated. 

How you prepare for your psychic reading


I recommend that you prepare for your psychic medium session by sending good intentions out to the spirits. You can speak to the spirits several days before your session or write a letter letting the spirits know of your upcoming psychic medium session.