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Psychic Grannies


Video, Phone 

or In-Person

Your best Psychic resource in Las Vegas, or you can contact us from anywhere in the world. We are local, national, and international. 

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About Psychic Grannies

Psychic Grannies was started as a life long dream. 

We are energy-based using skills that have been taught over the centuries.

Our pledge is Enlighten your experience through education and awareness. We will teach you, how to chose 

the right path through the use of energy and light.

Come join Psychic Grannies and lift yourself to a higher consciousness, and make your world a better place.

Call Now for a session by phone or video: 

In-Person Services

Psychic Grannies is open and will be available to you for in person Readings. 

Psychic Grannies can be an invaluable resource for you. We also offer Remote Healing sessions. 


Click the button below to book your session.  

call in for remote services

All of our Psychic Grannies Services are available by phone except Hypnotherapy, Psychometry, and Psychic Medium.


Our remote Reiki Healing sessions are powerful and work in the comfort of your own home. All services must be booked by an appointment.

Just choose the Psychic Grannies Service you are looking for and book today.  

Virtual services

Psychic Grannies Intuitive Tarot readings are available virtually


Our virtual sessions are 30min. 

Book your Psychic Grannies Intuitive Tarot reading today.  

Our Services

Psychic Grannies offers multiple psychic services that are available by phone or by video.

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Psychic Medium

A psychic medium is a person who can see spirits and relay their messages. Sometimes these spirits are your ancestors or spirit guides you have picked up through your travels in life. In your psychic medium reading, you can expect to hear from the spirits around you.


Tarot Card Readings

Our Tarot card readings can answer questions you have. The cards are a powerful divination tool. Tarot cards can help you understand your past, present, and future. Our skilled tarot card readers can enlighten your path with future direction and prediction. 


Reiki Healing

We offer Reiki sessions using a Japanese based energy modality to balance the body with the aid of guides and life force energy. 

Image by Jordan Whitt

Emotional Healing

Emotional healing is non-invasive energy work were imbalances in your body that can cause emotional and physical problems are identified and released. The body has the ability to heal itself if the conditions are right. Making those conditions right is what we do. 


Past Life Regression 

Past Life Regression is a psychic skill that involves finding out who you were in the past to help identify who you are in the present. Past Life Regression readings can accurately help you connect the dots. Knowing who you were can help you understand why you do the things you do today. 



Psychometry is a psychic skill that someone can retrieve information from an object, picture or personal artifact that is closely connected to a person, place or thing. Psychometry readings can accurately read someone's character by looking at a picture holding an object such as a ring.



A Numerology reading reveals the code of numbers in your life path. Numerology can uncover information about you and the world you live in.


Numerology is similar to astrology but uses a different method to reveal insights and information about you.

Numerology can be very revealing.

Double exposure portrait of a young fair


Hypnosis is a powerful form of communication that uses psychological procedures and positive suggestions to generate healing and change in an individual's life. A hypnosis session is a naturally induced state of deep relaxation that offers you guidance. 

fung shui.jpg

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition practice that is used to bring balance and prosperity to a space or home. It is an art and science that was developed 3,000 years ago. It means "wind and water". 



My reading was fantastic. Melanie was great. Confirmed things I've heard in other readings with updated but still consistent. So glad to know I'm right where I need to be, what to be cautious of, and that great things lie ahead.


I stumbled across  Psychic Grannies looking for a medirum in Las Vegas. After just moving alone to a big city, Melanie was welcoming and gave me the insight I needed to help trust my decisions.


Amazing experience very helpful. Answered my questions in detail. Felt great after . THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Excellent reading, the best !! Right on and very correct on everything! ! Highly recommend!

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