Psychic Grannies
Psychic Parties

Another Psychic service of Psychic Grannies.

We offer our Psychic Grannies for your next party.

Dinner Parties

Our Psychic Grannies can entertain your guests at your next dinner party from girl’s nights to themed parties and everything in between. 


The most popular and sought after fortune telling style is Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards.


At Psychic Grannies, we customize tarot or oracle card readings for each party. Tarot and Oracle card readings will often interpret business, personal relationships, finances, family situations, and or health. Our clients often tell us how amazingly accurate our Psychic Grannies are. Your party guests will often say, “that’s exactly what I have been thinking recently!”

How the reading works


Your party guest will pull the cards, and then we lay them out and interpret the reading. Each Psychic Grannie reader has their own favorite style of tarot cards. Every Psychic Granny reading is unique and different. 


Psychic Grannies focus on only providing positive interpretations to give guidance and to leave each guest feeling enlightened and inspired. It is our mission at Psychic Grannies that each of your party guests leaves with big smiles!

Corporate Events

Our Psychic Grannies are available for different types of company parties. This includes country clubs and picnics. 


Most company events have many guests, who will be excited to have their fortunes told. They often bring a friend or coworker to join in.


Having Psychic Grannies at your next company party will guarantee that the party will be fast-paced with high energy. We give our Psychic readings in a timely manner to keep the pace flowing, often using multiple Psychic Granny readers at the same time, depending on the number of party guests.


Companies enjoy our positive input and love having us at their events!

How to order a Psychic Grannies party.

  1. Cost. $100 per psychic for two hours paid at booking (plus tips).

  2. Cost. $20.00 per party guest.

Be sure to call us first to go over the details of your planned party. We will give some tips to make your Psychic Grannies party a truly memorable event that your guests will be talking about for weeks.