Psychic Grannies Intuitive Readings

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Our Intuitive Readings.

​An intuitive reading is like being with a trusted friend. Your session can be surprisingly enlightening and often uplifting. Our healers come from a place of love, and that love brings forth the white light. Our intuitive readers will help you tap into your higher self, where your own wisdom lies.

​Book your Intuitive Reading.

​Book your Intuitive reading with one of our professional and licensed readers. Healers come from all walks of life and have a deep understanding of the energy that surrounds all of us and affects our lives.


An excellent intuitive reader is empathic so they can understand and share others' feelings on a much deeper level. 

An intuitive Reading can be a Spiritual Experience.

​Your intuitive reading will depend on whom you have the session with and what the intention of that session is. The gift of healing is different from every intuitive healer. Sometimes these readings can be very emotional because there is processing, releasing, and the exchange of powerful energies. This effect can be mental, physical, and loving. 

Intuitive readings and Psychic Readings.

​Intuitive readings can be very different from a psychic reading. Our Intuitive readers read a person's energy, which is why you will find that the majority of our readers are very empathic and incredibly spiritual. We help you understand your life's path and the soul's journey. We always encourage you to look to your own power and harness it to help you access your divine inner knowing. 

​Our intuitive readers are not here to fix you but to help you empower yourself.


An excellent intuitive healer will have a gift to access extra-sensory information. Our intuitive readers focus on healing and enabling you and help you find yourself.