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Specialties: Intuitive Reading

As a child. 


I had the notion that what I saw and felt around the house was due to a psychotic break, as my family heard my stories with skeptics hears. While my mother's side of the family accepted my words with interest and quickly found trusted Curandero (Native healer) to cleanse my spirit from any negative attachments found on my own or gained from indifferent individuals. Although it cleared my mind, there still was a void within my space that is currently being filled with never-ending information about myself and others.


My Personal Mission

Certain work fields enlightened me to see that everyone has their own inner fears and emotions that are displayed in a way that may be described as unpleasant in any form to a person. This heightened my personal mission as a psychic, for my fellow humans who are equally inclined to be powerful energy sources with a helping guide to direct their thoughts and frequencies towards the light.


As metaphysical gifts come in all forms and should be embraced with love, while we let go of our ego and the labels of society.

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