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Psychic Grannies Staff


Get to know our staff at Psychic Grannies.



Specialties: Emphatic Clairvoyant and Tarot Card Reader


I have always had a sixth sense that allows me to see deeper than the surface in a person’s past, present or future. I am very accurate in predicting what is to come through visualization.


Dream Interpretation 

I have always been a lucid dreamer, and see my dreams as subconscious knowledge being brought to my attention. You and I can work together to decode the messages brought to you through dreams.



I use music to channel messages, always hearing the right song at the right time. I often sing lyrics or hum songs that I have never heard before that will resonate with others on a personal level. 




I use pictures and objects to gain insight. By absorbing the energy of the photo or object I am able to receive messages. Rather it is a special gift or object of remembrance, I channel the energy of your love one or give details about a person’s character.


Clairsentience/ Emotional Healing 

I can feel how people may be feeling, a person’s thoughts and even what you may not know about a person or situation. Is there someone you are worried about? Let’s channel their energy and meet it with love and light.


Clairempathy/ Emotional Healing 

I’ve always connected well with people, and bringing comfort to others is my life’s purpose. Being able to sense and take on the emotions of others, I will hold space for and sit with you when you need it most. I can give you the messages you need to guide you toward healing and understanding.


Tarot Readings 

Reading tarot is one of my favorite ways to help bring clarity, validity and hope. Rather you are seeking confirmation, guidance or just being curious tarot is a great way to take a peek into past, present and future energy.


More About Ella

Hi ya’ll! I am southern girl with deep roots in spirituality. I love all things metaphysical and have been practicing my gifts since I was a child. As an intuitive I am highly sensitive and in tune. Let’s work together today!

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