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So Young

Specialties: Tarot Card Reader

So Young is a natural born psychic and has been ultra-sensitive to hyper-frequencies since a child. She uses her extensive psychic gifts when she reads her own self designed tarot cards. Her tarot card readings are accurate, in-depth and powerful.


She had many guided messages of protection from her angels at a very young age. Through the years she learned to channel her gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience for clients all over the world.


Clairvoyance & clairsentience

Clairvoyance in psychic messages, clairsentience in psychometry of where she touches an object of the person or a photograph and receives messages and clairaudience in hearing the messages from channeling the energy of the spirit realm.

So Young also is a trained certified clinical and avocational hypnotherapist and has helped many quit smoking, lose weight, create and reach goals and believe in the power of their own minds.


Past Life Regression

She also has worked with clients in past life regression through hypnosis. Past life regression is a powerful way to remedy phantom syndromes that doctors just can’t answer or fix.

One thing she has learned in her many travels internationally is that regardless of where we are born, we are all the same inside. Psychic energy transcends cultural boundaries and we are all psychic, we just reawaken at different times in our lives.


Choosing the path to help others is subjective. Creative, expressive and honest, a reading or hypnosis session with So Young will give you clarity and a renewed perspective on your path.